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Is stepping in and out of your bathtub becoming a challenge? Don’t want to have to completely remodel your bathroom? If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area and are looking for a solution, call the bathtub remodelling specialists from Upscale Bath Solutions today!

What Are Step Thru Bathtub Inserts?

Step thru bathtub inserts are installed in the wall of your existing bathtub to create a low barrier shower. Step thru inserts are perfect for those that want to be able to get in and out of their bathtub easily, without the expense of a full bathroom renovation. They can be installed in as little as one day and cost a fraction of a full bathtub to shower conversion.

Why Get A Step Through Bathtub Insert?

Step thru inserts allow you to make your bathroom safer, at a fraction of the cost of more conventional bathroom renovations. The low barrier they create provides easier access into the bath/shower area and greatly reduces the possibility of falls. They’re also made from acrylic; meaning they will last a lifetime, are naturally slip resistant, and very easy to clean.

What If I Still Want To Have A Bath?

If you still want to have a bath, simply purchase the optional water tight “quick tub” clamp that forms a tight seal on the wall of the tub, converting back to a useable bathtub in seconds!

Whom Should I Call To Install A Step Thru Insert in Atlanta?

Contact the bathtub replacement experts from Upscale Bath Solutions at (404) 334-0314 to install your new walk thru bathtub insert anywhere in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We offer free in-home consultations, lifetime warranty, and flexible financing for all of our clients. We are your affordable bathtub remodelling solution that can finish the job in as little as one day. Feel free to contact our friendly customer support staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding walk-thru bathtub inserts.

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Are you looking for an affordable way to increase your bathroom safety, without giving up your bathtub? Look no further than a walk-thru step Upscale Bath Solutions. Our team of expert installers will help you transform your bathtub into a safe, functional, and flexible low barrier shower/bathtub combo. We have years of experience, offer a lifetime warranty, and offer flexible financing for all of our clients. Rest easy knowing the job is taken care of by seasoned professionals when you hire us for your bathtub remodel. Save time, money, and stress by hiring the professional bathroom experts from Upscale Bath Solutions!