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Properly installing a shower pan is the most important part of shower installation. If a shower pan is installed
incorrectly it can easily leak or break. You will then likely have to replace the entire shower and start again from the
beginning. Do not attempt to install a shower pan without professional assistance. Our team of experts have had to tear
up untold number of showers due to improper shower pan installation. Use the professional shower pan installation
experts from Upscale Bath Solutions to install your shower pan in Atlanta, Georgia. Save yourself time, money, and
stress by using Upscale Bath Solutions from the start of your shower installation. We are your affordable solution to
getting a new shower pan in as little as one day. We will do everything in our power to give you the bathroom of your

What is a Shower Pan?

Shower pans are one of the most important parts of your shower because they are the part of your shower that prevents
water from getting into places where it shouldn’t go. Installing a shower pan is difficult and takes a professional who
has experience and knowledge. An improperly installed shower pan may go years without showing visible signs of damage,
but once uncovered, the damage can be severe. Avoid any possible chances of problems by using the professionals from
Upscale Bath Solutions to install your shower pan.

How do I know if my Shower Pan needs replacing?

A cracked, chipped, or leaking shower pan needs to be immediately replaced. If you allow a broken/leaking shower pan to
remain in place, it will cause further damage that could lead to structural damage. A leaking shower pan is a recipe for
disaster. If the shower is on a second story, a leaking shower pan should be obvious with water spots on the ceiling
underneath the shower. However, it takes a professional to properly inspect a shower pan to determine the method of

Who replaces Shower Pans in Atlanta, Georgia?

The bath and shower experts from Upscale Bath Solutions replace shower pans in Atlanta, Georgia. We install and replace
shower pans in the following counties – Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Conyers, Stone Mountain, Morrow,
Stockbridge, Tucker, Snellville, Lithonia. Feel free to contact our friendly customer support staff at (404) 334-0314
for immediate attention. Our team of professionals are trained, experienced, and have all the tools necessary to handle
your shower pan installation/replacement.

Make sure your shower pan is installed/reinstalled right, the first time, by using the shower experts from Upscale Bath
Solutions. Our professional shower experts have years of experience, offer a lifetime warranty on all shower pan
products, and offer flexible financing so you can get your shower pan installed immediately. There is no need to wait
with Upscale Bath Solution because we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quick turnaround time. If you need
shower pan assistance in Atlanta, Georgia, contact our professionals at (404) 334-0314.